Drawer slides with two-way travel function

Telescopic slides that can be extended on both sides are a practical solution for drawers, shelves and other applications that need to provide flexible access to the contents. They consist of two or more rails that slide into each other and can be extended in both directions. This allows you to make the best use of furniture or workshop trolleys that are placed centrally but need to be operated from both sides.

The telescopic slides listed here have different load values, but all come from the renowned manufacturer Accuride. We will be happy to advise you on your applications.


Telescopic slide HA-CO HAZ2002 double extension Accuride DZ2002
  • Double-sided pullout, detent in middle position
  • Installation dimensions 9.5 x 35.3 mm
  • Max. Stroke: 500 mm; Max. Load capacity per pair: 350 N
HA-CO Two-way telescopic rail with partial extension HAZ2026 Accuride DZ2026
  • Pull-out on both sides possible
  • Installation dimensions 9.5 x 35.3 mm
  • Max. Stroke: 507 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 500 N
HA-CO high performance rail pull-out in both directions HAZ6026 Accuride DZ6026
  • Pull-out in both directions, very compact
  • Installation dimensions 12.5 x 71.5 mm
  • Max. Stroke:395 mm; Max. load capacity per pair:1'000 N
Full extension HAZ3630
  • Pull out in both directions, detent in the middle
  • Installation dimensions 21.6 x 36.4 mm
  • Max. Stroke:732 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 450 N
HA-CO HAA4165 Two Way Telescopic Aluminum Rail Accuride DA4165
  • Ball and cage made of stainless steel, full extension
  • Installation dimensions 26.5 x 80 mm
  • Max. Stroke: 1000 mm; Max. load capacity per pair:…

Telescopic slides extendable on both sides as standard