Cage nuts & fastening technology - fastening with play

A cage nut, or also known as a clip nut, is a nut in a steel cage.

On the sides of the cage are wings that allow the cage to be clipped into a square hole. 
With this type of fastening technology, you don't have to drill tapped holes, the cage is inserted into a pre-punched square hole and the bolt is connected to the nut. 
The nut itself sits loosely or with play and can thus compensate for certain tolerances.

Simple and quick assembly by clipping in with cage nuts from HA-CO.

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Käfigmuttern Cage Nuts HA-CO
  • Very simple and fast installation
  • Different materials available from stock
  • Special shapes such as earthing cage nuts also in the range

Cage Nuts / Clip Nuts from HA-CO