Pluggable Oldham couplings for flexible use

For space-saving installation situations, precise, pluggable, indispensable in servo drives: Oldham couplings from HA-CO

The Oldham coupling, cross-slide coupling or also called cross-slide coupling is the solution for space-saving installation situations. Our backlash-free, pluggable Oldham coupling is a three-part plug-in coupling, which is predestined for flexible use. With precision, lightness and high torsional stiffness, our sliding coupling replaces many diverse couplings in precise systems.

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Oldham coupling KSB HA-CO
  • Nominal torque from 0.50 to 1.80 Nm
  • Simple mounting, pluggable
  • With clamping hubs on both sides
Oldham Coupling | Cross sliding coupling KSD HA-CO
  • Nominal torque from 0.50 to 1.80 Nm
  • Made for hollow shafts
  • With clamping and spread hub

Precise Oldham couplings, cross slider couplings, cross slot couplings from HA-CO