Team Altendorf
Team Kleinwallstadt
Team Traun

Team HA-CO - Your personal contact person

We put the entire know-how of the HA-CO Group at your disposal. Our sales experts and production as well as technical specialists are also happy to advise you across locations, as this is how we ensure that you always have the right, personal contact person at your side. Our goal is to offer you the best solution for your application and to enter into a long-term partnership with you. 

Team HA-CO Altendorf

At our location in Altendorf (CH), which also functions as the headquarters of the HA-CO Group, the entire know-how of linear technology and drive technology is primarily located. The employees have a profound knowledge in these areas, which they are happy to share with you. The warehouse in Altendorf also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of linear and drive technology. Please have a look!

Oliver Arsov


HA-CO Schweiz Helen Haudenschild
Helen Haudenschild

Administration, accounting
HA-CO Schweiz Loris Haudenschild
Loris Haudenschild

HA-CO Schweiz Werner Haudenschild
Werner Haudenschild

Owner, Key Account Manager
HA-CO Schweiz Martin Hug
Martin Hug

Production, logistics

HA-CO Schweiz Oliver Lacher
Oliver Lacher

Production, logistics

HA-CO Schweiz Patrick Nauer
Patrick Nauer

CEO HA-CO, Key-Account-Manager
HA-CO Schweiz Anita Rickenbacher
Anita Rickenbacher

Internal Sales
Platzhalter Frau
Fabienne Rickenbacher

Internal Sales
HA-CO Schweiz Beat Schwizer
Beat Schwizer

Technical sale
HA-CO Schweiz Jan Thalmann
Jan Thalmann

e-buisness, technical sales
Platzhalter Frau
Melanie Tremp


HA-CO Schweiz Virginie Ziegler
Virginie Ziegler

Team HA-CO Kleinwallstadt

Kleinwallstadt (DE) is the production site and sales headquarters for our Coupling Technology division. The employees are very familiar with couplings of all kinds, from design to production. The planned new construction of a production hall including an office wing will provide even more space there in the future to drive the further development of linear technology.

Werner Abelius

Tecnical sales
Lukas Axmann


Lukas Bachmann

Tecnical sales
Platzhalter Mann
Herbert Brauner


HA-CO Deutschland Michael Fath
Michael Fath


HA-CO Deutschland Stefan Fath
Stefan Fath


Lucas Hellenthal

Head of echanical production

Platzhalter Mann
Torsten Hess

Production, logistics

HA-CO Deutschland Christopher Hofmann
Christopher Hofmann

Engineering, Techn. consultant
Miriam Jakob

Internal Sales
Daniel Knop


HA-CO Deutschland Hans-Jürgen Najack
Hans-Jürgen Najack

Welder, Production

Platzhalter Frau
Regina Nebel


HA-CO Deutschland Mayou Melanie Ostheimer
Mayou Melanie Ostheimer

Internal Sales
HA-CO Deutschland Michaela Pölleth
Michaela Pölleth

HA-CO Deutschland Andrea Schinz
Andrea Schinz

HA-CO Deutschland Steffen Schmidt
Steffen Schmidt

Branch Manager Kleinwallstadt
Yvonne Schuck

Internal Sales
HA-CO Deutschland Andreas Simon
Andreas Simon


Platzhalter Frau
Jacqueline Thein


HA-CO Deutschland Uwe Thorandt
Uwe Thorandt

Head of production

Team HA-CO Traun

Our connection technology specialists are located in Traun (AT) near Linz (AT). In addition to office space, a well-equipped warehouse is also located there. Here, telescopic slides are sold in addition to connection technology products. Our employees from Traun are looking forward to hearing from you!

HA-CO Österreich Manuel Grimm
Manuel Grimm

Technical sale

+43 676 844 959 293
HA-CO Österreich Sabine Herzog
Sabine Herzog

Administration, accounting
HA-CO Österreich Barbara Klaushofer
Barbara Klaushofer

Sales and project management
Denise Lechner

Internal Sales

HA-CO Österreich Peter Oelschlägel
Peter Oelschlägel

Authorized signatory, Branch manager Traun
Hermann Reder


HA-CO Österreich Manfred Reinhardt
Manfred Reinhardt


HA-CO Österreich Elena Velevski
Elena Velevski