Recirculating ball bearing guides - stable, precise and inexpensive from HA-CO

A profiled rail guide or recirculating ball bearing guide is a special design of a linear guide with ball bearings.

It is suitable for applications that require the absorption of high torques and forces in a wide range of applications. The classic recirculating ball bearing guide KUS or the miniature guide KUM is complemented with products for lighter loads from Accuride. The variety of materials and sizes ensures different design options. 

Recirculating ball bearing guides feature high rigidity and load ratings that are consistent in all directions. High momentum and rigidity of sliding guides with the lightness and accuracy of roller guides are further bonuses. They are stable, precise and inexpensive.

Our recirculating ball bearing guide KUS excels with its uniquely smooth running behavior. It is also special in terms of dimensions: it can replace standard profiled rail guides, making it an alternative to brands such as THK or Bosch.

To expand our range, we now offer the KUN profile rail guide. With the same design as the KUS but a more compact construction, it can be used wherever space is limited. Despite the lower installation height, it has a high load capacity.

If a more compact model is required, we recommend the miniature recirculating ball bearing guide KUM. Despite its low height, it can support high loads. All products of the KUM series can also be supplied in stainless steel.

All details of the full range of ball bearing and guideway products are listed in the following product links - so you can find your suitable HA-CO model with ease.

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Kugelumlaufführung KUS HA-CO
  • Load capacities up to 27'700 kg
  • Uniquely quiet running behavior
  • Various runner types and rail sizes
Produktübersicht Profilschienenführung KUN
  • Load capacities up to 2,370 kg
  • Compact installation dimensions with very smooth running behavior
  • Runners and rail sizes up to dimension 30 from…
Miniatur Kugelumlaufführung KUM HA-CO
  • Load capacities up to 8.93 kN
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Different runner types and rail sizes
ALUX Kugelumlaufführung aus Aluminium HA-CO
  • Load capacities up to 16 kN
  • Rustproof thanks to aluminum design
  • Runners are available in two versions: flanged carriage and block carriage
Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0116RC - HA-CO Heavy duty aluminum rail
  • Load capacities of up to 2'500 N per runner
  • Aluminium profile with stainless steel or plastic balls
  • Optional products such as end stops, dampers…
Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0115RC HA-CO aluminum rail
  • Load capacities of up to 500 N per runner
  • Aluminium rail easy to join and thus free length
  • Various options: Soft close, end stops etc.

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