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Security technology for companies, banks, insurance companies, notary offices

Security is a priority in every company, so we dedicate a significant part of our assortment to the latest security technology.

Besides specially produced security mailboxes, we also sell safes and safe deposit boxes. Security technology from HA-CO is based on the origins of Bertschinger Metallbau (est. 1927) and Tell Tresorbau (est. 1934). Thanks to this long experience we are a leading Swiss company with high quality security products like security mailboxes and safes.

All our security mailboxes are manufactured from start to finish in our workshop. We distinguish two top models: Mailguard and Swing. Mailguard has a special drawer lock technology, which makes it practically impossible to remove the contents unintentionally. Mailguard, collection bin and folding mechanism are a trio combination that ensures optimum protection. To ensure that there is a suitable solution for every application, we offer models for wall installation, free-standing items with support, or just the top-up for anyone who wants to upgrade their existing mailbox. Chrome steel or aluminum provide an unobtrusive look.

Our second model, Swing, works a little differently. Deposited mail falls from the upper lock chamber into the lower collection chamber by means of a pivoting removal lock. The built-in retrieval lock makes theft impossible. Swing is available free-standing including supports and base plate, but can also be wall mounted.

Our safes come from the Italian market leader Bordogna. We order the visually appealing safes according to your wishes and also offer an on-site installation service.

Any questions? Share your concern with us and let our specialists take care of you!


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HA-CO Sicherheitstechnik safe-tec Tresore Bordogna Casseforti Safe

Since 1934 we have been selling burglar-proof safes and strongboxes of the highest quality on the Swiss market.

We are in Altendorf a specialized company for security technology