Manufacturing in our workshops

Assembly, modifications and repairs - all at HA-CO

With our skilled employees, we manufacture quite a few products from our assortment by our own hands and also constantly expand the selection of our standard products in order to customize them for the customer. Appropriate places are set up in our company and help with quick assembly or also with modifications of the products. Repairs and revisions of outdated products are also a matter of course for us in order to make the use of our products sustainable and effective. Sometimes only the smallest adjustments are required to extend a product life cycle by additional years. Our employees have the appropriate experience for this, so that everything can be done under the same roof.

You order ..... we manufacture your product.

Our service for you:

  • Specialists in the workshop
  • Continuous training of our HA-CO staff for your satisfaction
  • Standard products become customized products
  • Short ways between engineering and assembly allow fast results
  • Large stock of old product parts for repairs of all kinds