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Carbon Tubes & Profiles for Industry, Architecture & Aerospace

Our carbon specialists in Wallerstein (D) are specialized in the production of coiled carbon products - not small tubes or profiles - no - special products for architecture or aerospace are produced there!

A tube / profile made of carbon or glass fiber can have many applications and as individual your project is, as tailor-made is our solution. We produce tubes up to 4 m diameter and 45 m length.
Our assortment includes not only classic carbon tubes, we also have other carbon profiles / CFRP profiles in our range. Besides our standardized products we also manufacture special profiles for you.

HA-CO - Your expert for carbon tubes, CFRP profiles and Co.

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Carbon tubes for industry
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Most different types and sizes
  • Comprehensive range of tools
Carbon in architecture
  • Implementation of new shapes and ideas 
  • Specialists calculate your wishes
  • Higher, longer, wider: almost anything is possible
Carbon pressure vessel
  • Wound pressure vessels 
  • Carbon and also GFK fibers possible
  • Diameter up to 4m and length up to 17m

Special carbon tubes according to your requirements from HA-CO