Solid drawers made of galvanized steel or stainless steel

It's no secret: branded products from the quality manufacturer Rollon are very popular with us, especially for telescopic slides.

We offer not only hardened but also solid rails from Rollon. In direct comparison, these cannot carry quite as large loads, but they offer other advantages.

Our partial extension drawers SUT can withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees, is available in various sizes and can also be equipped with a choice of corrosion coatings on request.

Those who prefer full extension are better off with models such as SSV or SGV. SGV owes its slim design to its S-profile, making it extremely compact and resistant to bending - even when fully extended.

For heavy loads in full extension, we recommend SKV. An intermediate element designed with a double T provides extra load capacity of up to 20 kN. Special corrosion coatings are also possible here, as well as special designs on request.

Sometimes a full extension is not enough and an over-extension is required. With our telescopic rail S2U or the over-extension SKU, an extension length of up to 3 meters can be achieved due to the 4-part design. 

To get the most out of our telescopic rails, we offer a range of useful extras. Accessories from Hegra Rail such as dampers, locks or driver discs can be commissioned as custom-made products. Also the rails can be made in different materials e.g. galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum.


HA-CO Partial extension SUT Rollon HTT
  • Extension length < 95% Installation length
  • Options like different materials, interlocks, ...
  • Load per rail pair up to 2'900N
Full extension solid telescopic slides
  • Extension length 95 - 120% Installation length
  • Different designs, materials etc.
  • Load per rail pair up to 20'000 N
Over-extension solid telescopic rails HA-CO
  • Extension length > 120% Installation length
  • Available with compliance and damping
  • Load per rail pair up to 7'500 N
Zubehör massiv gefräste Teleskopschienen HA-CO Hegra Rail
  • Driving plate
  • Interlock
  • Accessories for Hegra Rail

Various designs and construction types of heavy duty pull-outs available for you!