Ball bearing guides - linear or cage guided

Ball bearing guides have two valuable properties: They can carry high loads and are compact in design.

In top quality, a long service life can therefore be expected. The prerequisite for achieving a long service life is not only the correct design but also regular maintenance, e.g. relubrication, cleaning. To guarantee exactly that, we offer an extensive range and focus on well-known manufacturers. If smooth running despite high load capacities is an important selection criterion, we recommend the FKS ball bearing guide from Rollon. Thanks to its compact cross-sections, it is also suitable for many different applications.

If you are looking for cage-guided ball bearing slides with rather lighter load capacities, you should take a look at our Accuride models HAZ0115RS, HAZ1312 and HAZ2415. They are all suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting. 

Feel free to browse through our product catalog. You are sure to find the optimal solution for you in our wide range of products. However, if you need a customized solution, please contact our technical experts who will be happy to advise you and take care of your needs.

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Linear guide HA-CO with with single or with multiple slides Rollon SN
  • Load capacities of up to 122'000 N per runner
  • Different versions of the runner arrangement/combinations
  • Hardened running surfaces, long life,…
Ball bearing guide HAZ0115 Steel rail HA-CO Accuride DZ0115RS

Load capacity of 600 N per runner

Sequence synchronisation by means of inserted belt

Precise linear movement over the entire travel path

Linear guide Ball bearing guide HAZ1312 HA-CO
  • Load capacity of 600 N per runner
  • Detent in extended position at one end
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
Kugelf├╝hrung HAZ2415 HACO
  • Load capacity of 185 N per runner
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Very compact size with 8 mm thickness

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