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Shaft coupling for your drive system

HA-CO Austria your partner for high-quality couplings of all kinds - benefit from our expertise!

With us you will find high-quality couplings and connecting or synchronous shafts of all kinds. However, you will not only get the right products, but also our technical expertise. Through the successful implementation of thousands of projects, we can draw on a wealth of experience and offer you the best possible advice.

If your desired product cannot be found in our standard range, we can produce individual special solutions for you. So no wishes remain unfulfilled!

Thanks to their compact design, our wide range of elastomer couplings impresses above all with its reliability and flexibility. Whether elastomer couplings, claw couplings, servo couplings or shaft couplings - all variants are excellently suited for delicate applications due to their backlash-free torque transmission.

Those looking for safety couplings distinguish between models for indirect drives and direct drives. Both options prevent annoying machine downtimes thanks to torque limitation. In the event of an overload, the drive train is immediately interrupted to prevent damage.

All our connecting shafts, such as spacer couplings or universal joint shafts, can bridge axle distances of up to six meters. A variable-length intermediate tube ensures easy adaptation of our synchronous shaft.

Browse through our product pages to discover the full selection of safety couplings and connecting shafts. If any questions arise, feel free to contact our technical consultants. We'll be happy to help! 

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HA-CO Sicherheitskupplungen für indirekte Antriebe
  • Attachment part in various designs
  • Max. torque up to 1000 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 85 mm
Safety couplings for direct drives Overload couplings HA-CO
  • Several disengaging torques adjustable
  • Max. torque up to 400 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 62 mm
Pneumatic safety couplings HA-CO clutches
  • Disengaging torque adjustable with air pressure
  • Max. torque up to 400 Nm
  • Shaft diameter up to 50 mm
HA-CO Metallbalgkupplungen Wellenkupplungen
  • Precise angular power transmission
  • Max. torque up to 500 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 75 mm
Elastomerkupplungen Klauenkupplungen HA-CO
  • Different stars / degrees of hardness
  • Max. torque up to 1310 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 60 mm
HA-CO spring bar couplings All-metal couplings
  • Angular accuracy of power transmission
  • Max. torque up to 240 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 80 mm
Oldham Coupling Cross Sliding Coupling Cross Slot Coupling HA-CO
  • Space-saving assembly room
  • Max. torque up to 1.8 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 14 mm
HA-CO Starre Kupplungen Schalenkupplungen
  • One-piece (slottet) or two-piece design
  • Maximum torque up to 5000Nm, Inner-Ø up to 80mm
  • Top prices, Available from stock!
Connecting shafts Spacer couplings Synchronous shafts Cardan shafts HA-CO
  • As shaft without add. intermediate bearing up to 6 m
  • Max. torque up to 1310 Nm
  • shaft diameter up to 65 mm
Sonderkupplungen Spezialkupplungen HA-CO
  • Adaptations of standard products
  • Close cooperation engineering, manufacturing
  • Special solutions also in other areas

Shaft hubs connections from the leading manufacturer directly from the factory in Austria