HA-CO products in your application

Industries, applications and references

We give you an overview of the possible applications of various HA-CO products

Our HA-CO quality products from our own production or from renowned suppliers can be found wherever movement is required. This applies, for example, to our safety couplings, linear guides, drawer pull-outs, heavy-duty pull-outs, linear axes and much more. If you are looking for solutions in connection technology such as press-in fasteners, blind rivet nuts or blind rivets, HA-CO is of course also at your side. With our comprehensive expertise and many years of experience, we are represented in a wide variety of markets and industries:

  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Sheet metal technology
  • Logistics and conveyor systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Plastics technology
  • Drive technology
  • Electronics
  • Industrial automation
  • Packaging industry
  • assembly automation
  • and many more...

Due to the numerous and constantly growing application possibilities, the above list naturally reflects only a part of the industries that are supplied with HA-CO products.

Well-known companies from various fields rely on us. There is a wide range of areas in which our products can be found. This makes it difficult to list them all here. Your industry is not listed separately with us? This does not mean that we cannot be of service to you! On the contrary - we look forward to hearing from you and are sure to find a special solution for you as well. Because creativity and innovation drive us.

You too can rely on products and services from HA-CO­­

Linear technology and telescopic slides

Our linear guides and extension rails can be used in applications with very light to extremely heavy loads. Thanks to the versatile assortment, we will definitely find a solution for you. Below you will get an insight into various applications of our customers, which we were able to help with our articles:

Logistics industry

  • Telescopic slides for shuttle systems from Stöcklin AG
  • Linear axes for robots in automation e.g. Ferag AG

Railroad and transport industry

  • Seat displacement at Stadler Rail AG
  • Door sliding systems at CWA AG
  • Battery boxes at Stadler Rail AG

Medical technology

  • Linear guides at Roche Diagnostics International AG
  • Sliding technology for dental chairs at Mikrona AG
  • Drawer pulls at Tecan Trading AG

Automotive and aerotechnics

  • Drawer pulls for camper extensions from easygoinc GmbH
  • Table shifting at Jet Aviation AG or Bucher Leichtbautechnik AG
  • Bed adjusters with linear guides


  • Guide systems in crematoria from Bürge Fischer AG
  • Door panels of fireplaces from Staffieri AG

Coupling technology

At our location in Kleinwallstadt we manufacture couplings, exactly adapted to your application. In addition to our standard products, we can offer almost any special solution thanks to our experience and our manufacturing capabilities. Be it a coupling made of special material, special clamping or a connecting shaft with ultra-light carbon. Below you will find some applications of our customers: 

  • Machine tools
    • Carbon cardan shafts for drives of lathes at Index
    • Safety couplings for overload protection of multi-axis systems at Landromatic
    • Elastomer couplings for low-vibration transmission for drive axles at Sauter
    • Bellows couplings for precise positioning of tables
  • Packaging machines
    • Safety couplings for protection in case of jammed production parts
    • Elastomeric couplings for transmission with reduced vibration for filling machines
  • Test stand construction
    • Bellows couplings for exact transmission with encoders
    • Safety couplings for protection in case of overloads of test equipment
  • Plastic
    • Bellows couplings for high power transmission in extruders or mixers
    • Safety couplings for kneaders, extruders and mixers to protect screws and drives
  • Intralogistics
    • Safety couplings for package belt diverters to protect against jamming.
    • Elastomer couplings for drives for conveyor belts

Joining technology

The field of connection technology is extremely versatile and the number of available products is constantly growing. To make the finding process as easy as possible, we are happy to support you here. Our specialists in Traun can draw on years of experience when it comes to providing advice and ensure rapid delivery options thanks to their well-stocked warehouse. We give you an overview of where our products are used: 

Sheet metal technology

  • Press-in fastener and press-in machine at company Primatech Metallverarbeitung
  • Blind rivet nuts at the company Anton Paar Shape Tec GmbH
  • Welding studs at the company Guntamatic Heiztechnik


  • Press-in fasteners for printed circuit boards at B&R company
  • Press-in fasteners for the company Sigmatek
  • Press-in fasteners for terminals at the company SKIDATA

Plastics technology

  • Threaded inserts at the company Bergs, DIN emergency lighting systems, Kutec
  • Press-fit fasteners at the company Kellner und Kunz, TGW, KNAPP AG


  • Blind rivet nuts at the company Hammerer Aluminium Industries
  • Sealing plugs at the company HAI Extrusion
  • Insert nuts at MAGNA Steyr Graz

This is only a very small list of possibilities or references that our range offers. So if you do not find yourself here and need another solution to your problem, we are happy to help. Be sure: we will support you! Our wealth of experience and knowledge pool enable us to provide fast and competent advice tailored to your special case.