Thread inserts and screws for plastics

Inserts and screws for plastics are used where high force transmission and multiple separation of the connected parts are required.

HA-CO thread inserts and screws from our manufacturer create highly stressable connection points in plastic and composite parts and, depending on the version and design, achieve very good pull-out forces and good torsion resistance.

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Gewindeeinsätze zum Eindrehen für Kunststoffe HA-CO
  • For thermoplastics and thermosets as well as for solid foams
  • Different versions
  • Easy mounting
Gewindeeinsätze zum Einpressen für Kunststoffe HA-CO
  • For thermoplastics and thermosets
  • Special production according to customer requirements possible
  • Different versions
Gewindeeinsätze zum Einlegen von HA-CO
  • Injection and rotational molding
  • Hexagonal bushings for better protection against twisting
  • Special designs according to customer drawings possible
Schraubsysteme Schrauben HA-CO
  • Self-tapping screws for direct screw connection
  • Better hold due to steeper thread
  • Different designs possible

Inserts and screws for plastics - HA-CO