Welding elements & weld fasteners

Fastening of welding elements by tip ignition method.

Lightning fast fastening of HA-CO welding elements by the tip ignition method. Weld studs, weld fasteners and other welding elements could be processed with this method. The weld fasteners of our manufacturer are manufactured and produced according to DIN EN ISO 13918 or DIN 32501.

Drawn arc ignition on request!

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Schweissbolzen HA-CO Welding studs
  • Lightning fastening
  • Thread sizes from M2.5 to M10
  • Different materials available
Schweissbuchsen HA-CO
  • Divers materiala
  • Thread sizes from M3 to M6
  • Quick and easy processing
Isolier- und Schweissstifte HA-CO
  • Processing by top ignition
  • Diameter 2,0 to 8,0 possible
  • Various materials available from stock
Schweissflachstecker HA-CO
  • Quick and easy installation for your electrical connection
  • Single or double version possible
  • Various materials possible

Welding studs, Welding standoffs, Welding pins for lightning fast fastening!