Security mailboxes directly from the manufacturer HA-CO

MAILGUARD and SWING 1000-times proven, with SAFETY THE RIGHT!

In the past few years, a security letterbox was not a big issue until the crime rates caused by stolen payment orders from letterboxes reached frightening proportions. The contents of many letterboxes are easy prey for thieves. Today, security letterboxes are more in demand than ever, especially for banks, doctors, government agencies and private individuals. Protect your contents whether documents, checks, prescriptions, etc.

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HA-CO Mailguard Sicherheitsbriefkasten Security letterbox
  • Special drawer sluice technology
  • High-quality design in different variants
  • As new system or retrofit
HA-CO Swing Sicherheitsbriefkasten Boîte aux lettres de sécurité Security mailbox
  • Return barrier in the 2-chamber system
  • Mail is inserted via a flap
  • Pivoting removal lock inside

We manufacture security mailboxes to the highest standard at our Altendorf facility