Hardened telescopic slides for heavy loads

Because top quality is a matter of course for us, we select our products thoroughly.

The hardened telescopic slides of the Rollon brand have made it into our product range because they offer quiet running properties, enormous load capacities and high cycle numbers. 

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, they are made to meet any challenge with flying colors.

Our AKE partial extension system impresses with the high rigidity of its intermediate elements. It consists of a guide rail and a slider and, although it is not a full extension, it can be extended by up to 95% of the total installation length. In addition, backlash-free running is guaranteed even at maximum load. This partial extension system from the Telescopic Rail product family is used in industries such as logistics, automotive engineering, beverage production, machine engineering, and many more.

Our full extension classics on hardened telescopic slides such as full extension AK series, full extension AKL or full extension DK also offer significant advantages. They all allow a stroke that is almost identical to the installation length. However, there are also over-extension slides that can open up to 120%. Like our part-extension slides, these models allow backlash-free operation under high loads and bend only slightly. They are available in different versions and sizes.

If you are looking for hardened telescopic slides with the highest load capacity, you should go for our full extension slide DTS. The solid construction is particularly well suited for heavy loads.

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HA-CO Telescopic Rail partial extension AKE Rollon ASN
  • Extension length < 95% Installation length
  • High stiffness, smooth running properties
  • Load per rail pair up to 88'500 N
Full extension hardened telescopic slides
  • Extension length 95 - 120% Installation length
  • Large variety of products
  • Load per rail pair up to 39'600 N
HA-CO telescopic rail over-extension DKU Rollon DSE
  • Extension length > 120% Installation length
  • High stiffness thanks to additional element
  • Load per rail pair up to 11'300 N

Heavy duty telescopic slides / heavy duty pullout