Lifter and logistics systems of the company Winkel GmbH

Long-term partnership: WINKEL GmbH and HA-CO have been successfully active in the market for over 30 years in the field of linear and handling technology, innovations that move. To show you an excerpt of the possibilities in the field of logistics systems, we have compiled some picture excerpts of the company Winkel on the following pages.

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Kettenheber Riemenheber Winkel HA-CO
  • With support frame, use of angular rollers
  • Lifting capacities from 500 to 6000 kg
  • Up to 40m lifting height, up to 3 m/s lifting speed
Lifting and traversing units
  • Modular design, lifting and moving in one station
  • Lifting capacities from 500 to 8000 kg
  • Up to 40 m lifting height, up to 3 m/s lifting speed
Winkel Teleskopgabeln HA-CO
  • High precision applications thanks to roller guides from Winkel
  • Up to max 2000 kg load capacity
  • Up to 1.4m stroke possible
Pallet storage and feeding stations
  • For a wide range of pallet sizes
  • Depalletizing stations up to 1500 kg, up to 6 m lifting height
  • Pallet storage stations up to 1000 kg 
Fast Pick Station Winkel HA-CO
  • Can be flexibly integrated into process flow
  • Up to 800 picks per hour
  • Automatic load securing
Winkel Regalbedienger├Ąt HA-CO
  • Customized designs, adaptations and standard systems
  • Up to max 1500 kg load capacity
  • Lifting heights up to 30 m, travel speeds up to 6 m/s