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Threaded inserts for insertion

The inserts are inserted into the mold and overmolded during the molding process. The closed inserts prevent the plastic from penetrating the thread. When designing the pin, care must be taken to ensure that the tolerances are such that plastic cannot flow into the thread either. Insertion allows for good manufacturing times in the injection molding process because the parts can be fed automatically. Ideal for insertion during the injection molding process of thermoplastics. Open types can be selected for thin-walled parts.

  • Injection and rotational molding
  • Hexagonal bushings for better protection against twisting
  • Special designs according to customer drawings possible
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MGT-M..-BURG-"L "MS Closed threaded bush with knurling 

MGT-M..-BU16903A(C/G/P/R)-MS(ST/ES) Hexagonal threaded bush according to DIN16903 

MGT-M..-BU16903B(D/Q/S/U)-MS(ST/ES) Threaded bush according to DIN 19603