Pneumatic safety clutches, clutches

HA-CO safety couplings - simple - precise - reliable!

The pneumatic safety clutches limit the torque precisely via the air pressure to the specified value and thus prevent damage and downtimes in the event of overload. HA-CO safe coupling: simple - precise - reliable

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Pneumatische Sicherheitskupplung FHW-P HACO Pneumatic safety coupling
  • Disengagement torque from 0 to 400 Nm
  • Shaft diameter up to 50 mm
  • Pneumatic connection through shaft, maintenance-free
Pneumatische Sicherheitskupplung HACO Pneumatic safety coupling FHW-PLA
  • Disengagement torque from 0 to 160 Nm
  • Shaft diameter up to 35 mm
  • Air connection from outside, Maintenance-free

Pneumatic overload clutches, safety clutches from specialists - HA-CO