Wire thread inserts for metals

Wire thread inserts are used to produce a highly loadable thread in metal parts. Due to the design and execution you create superior threads, which are usually stronger than the original threads. Threaded inserts are used to increase both the load capacity and the residual tightening force.

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Wire thread inserts
  • Thread reinforcement for soft materials like aluminum,...
  • High strength, resilient, corrosion and temperature resistant
  • Different types for every…
Heavy-duty socket

Ideal to prevent threads from tearing out

Locking wedges for a vibration-proof and non-twisting thread

Ideal for repairing defective threads or…

Setting tool for heavy duty sockets
  • Hydropneumatic tool
  • Tightening force 19000 N
  • Thread sizes M5-M12
MEBUX Thread Repair System
  • For high continuous loads and frequent screwing and unscrewing
  • No additional fixation necessary
  • Can be used in different materials