Press-in threaded bushings for metal and plastic HA-CO

Press-in threaded bushings

Press-in bushings for metal and plastic, flush mounting, the hexagon serves as anti-rotation protection.

  • Press-in bushing for metal and plastic
  • Flush mounting
  • Hexagon serves as anti-twist protection
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Here you can find the STEP file

MEB-M..-BUG-"L "ST(ES/HE) closed

MEB-..-BU(V)-"L "ST with through hole

MEB-M..-BUS(BUSV)-"L "ES for blind hole

MEB-M..-BUR-"L "ST(ES) for connector systems

MEB-M..-BUP-"L "ES for printed circuit boards

MEB-M..-BUK-"L"STSN(ES) for plastics

MEB-M..-BUKK(G/V)-"L "ST(ES) with small head

Press-in threaded bushings
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