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Thanks to our extensive experience and to our knowledge we serve you as a competent supplier with products of high quality. With trade products we complement our offer. Our long-term partnership with international suppliers and our own production grant us access to technical and economical superior innovative products.

The HA-CO GmbH is the offical sales partner of linear technology - Linear technology from specialists ex stock!

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Linear guide Slight
Linearführung Slight HA-CO Linear guide
Light roller guide 

Load value up to 150N

Several runners per system possible

Excellent smooth running

Linear guides PSG/PSK
Linearführungen PSG/PSK HA-CO Linear guides
Various - individual - stainless - price attractive! The PSG and PSK are economical linear guides made of stainless steel. It is resistant to scratches and dirt. The rails are embossed and the bearings are lubricated for life. 

High quality stainless steel > completely rust-free

One rail - combinable with rollers or balls

Up to 1350N, backlash-/maintenance-free, low-priced, rigid

Recirculating ball bearing guide DA0115
Kugelumlaufführung HAA0115 HA-CO Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide
Linear guide with recirculating ball carriage, suitable for high loads. 

Load rating up to 50 kg per carriage

Resistant to dirt and dust

Infinite track lengths possible

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAS0115RC
Kugelumlaufführung HAS0115RC HA-CO Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide
Stainless steel linear guide, ideal for use in the food industry 

Linear guide in steel design

Balls in stainless steel or plastic

Separate end stops available

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0116RC
Kugelumlaufführung HAA0116RC HA-CO Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide
Linear guide for heavy loads, with recirculating ball bearings  

Aluminium profile with stainless steel or plastic balls

Heavy duty linear guidance up to 360kg

Optional products such as end stops, dampers etc.

ALUX Guide Rail
Profilschienenführung ALUX HA-CO Guide Rail
Our aluminum rail guide (recirculating ball bearing guide) was developed as a complement to the many profile rail guides to meet the high demands of the linear movement and the lightweight low cost. Attractive due to their low weight and good protection against corrosion.  

Low weight

Corrosive-resistant materials

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ1312
Käfiggeführte Kugelführung HAZ1312 HA-CO Caged Ball Bearing Guide
Sliding door rail for convenient folding of cabinet doors 

Steel guide up to 60kg

Detent in extended position at one end

Vertical or horizontal mounting

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ2415
Käfiggeführte Kugelführung HAZ2415 HA-CO Caged Ball Bearing Guide
Flat or side mounting of low loads 

Lightweight steel design lightweight up to 18.5kg load

Vertical or horizontal mounting

Very compact size with 8mm thickness

Sliding guide HAFG115
Gleitführung HAFG115 HA-CO Sliding Guide
Extremely light, yet high load-bearing capacity 

Made of lightweight aluminium

WashDown suitable, insensitive to dirt

No lubrication required

Further products from HA-CO Motion AG
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