wire thread inserts

Wire thread inserts

Enable the production of wear-resistant threads

Thread reinforcement for soft materials like aluminium,...

High strength, resilient, corrosion and temperature resistant

Different types for every application

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The spirally wound wire thread inserts are used to produce a heavy-duty thread in metal parts. The thread inserts, made of stainless steel wire, provide high-strength internal threads, which are distinguished by their temperature and rust resistance. Their unique design guarantees superior threads, which are usually stronger than the original thread and whose bond strength cannot be achieved by any other fastening method.

With conventional tapped holes, 70% of the shear forces are absorbed by the first three turns of the hole. The flexibility of the wire thread inserts results in internal threads with a better distribution of the residual tightening force. The flexibility of the wire thread inserts helps to compensate for the flank and angle errors that occur with normal threaded holes, thus improving the load carrying capacity. Both static and dynamic load capacities are improved.