Welding studs

Welding studs

Welding studs for tip ignition for lightning fastening of studs of all dimensions and materials

Lightning fastening

Thread sizes from M2.5 to M10

Different materials available

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In this process the stored energy of a capacitor bank is discharged in an extremely short period of time (1-3 ms) via the welding element. Additonal aids such as protective gas or ceramic ring are not required.

All threads and bolt flanges are designed according to DIN EN ISO 13918. The flange is part of the welding stud and its diameter is larger than the outside diameter of the stud. When welding, it prevents the arc from reaching over the cylindrical part of the stud and simultaneously increases the welding area.

In practice, two different welding methods are used:

  • Capacitor discharge bolt welding with top ignition
  • Bolt welding with drawn arc igniton with the subgroup drawn arc bold welding (Short-Cycle)