Threaded bushing with large flange

  • Open or closed form possible
  • Stainless steel A4 or galvanised steel
  • Different base plates available
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Threaded bushing with large flange, which can be laminated or glued on. This mounting part is especially suitable for GFK and CFK production.

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Article Nr Designation Material Special feature Thread Length [mm] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
MGT-M4-BUG-3815-10ESStainless steel A4Plate closedM410Available Soon EUR 3,80 Pcs
MGT-M5-BU-23-10STSteel galvanizedPlate openM510Available Soon EUR 1,48 Pcs
MGT-M6-BU-19-12STSteel galvanizedPlate openM612Available Soon EUR 1,56 Pcs
MGT-M6-BU-23-25STSteel galvanizedPlate openM625Available Soon EUR 1,73 Pcs
MGT-M6-BU-38-20STSteel galvanizedPlate openM620Available Soon EUR 1,82 Pcs
MGT-M6-BUG-19-10STSteel galvanizedPlate closedM610Available Soon EUR 1,54 Pcs
MGT-M6-BUG-23-15ESStainless steel A4Plate closedM615Available Soon EUR 4,43 Pcs
MGT-M6-BUG-23-16STSteel galvanizedPlate closedM616Available Soon EUR 1,63 Pcs
MGT-M8-BU-19-12STSteel galvanizedPlatte offenM812Available Soon EUR 1,70 Pcs
MGT-M8-BU-23-15ESStainless steel A4Plate openM815Available Soon EUR 4,92 Pcs
MGT-M8-BUG-23-14STSteel galvanizedPlate closedM814Available Soon EUR 1,75 Pcs
MGT-M8-BUG-3815-20ESStainless steel A4Plate closedM820Available Soon EUR 5,61 Pcs
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