Thread inserts for insertion

The inserts are inserted into the mould during the moulding process and overmoulded. The closed inserts prevent the plastic from penetrating into the thread. When designing the pin, care must be taken to ensure that the tolerances are such that no plastic can flow into the thread either. Inserting the pin enables good production times in the injection moulding process, as the parts can be fed automatically. Ideal for insertion during the injection moulding process of thermoplastics. Open types can be selected for thin-walled parts.

Closed threaded bushing with knurling
  • No flow of the plastic into the thread
  • Can be automated
  • Very high pull-out forces and good resistance to twisting
Hexagonal threaded bushing to DIN16903
  • Applicable in injection moulding and casting process
  • High torsional resistance due to hexagon
  • Shorter assembly times
threaded bush according to DIN 19603
  • Applicable in injection moulding and casting process
  • Good extraction values
  • Shorter assembly times