Special blind rivets

Blind or heavy duty rivets are ideal for applications where access is only possible to one side of the components to be joined. In addition to the actually hollow rivet body with head at the front, the blind rivet consists of a longer inserted mandrel with head at the rear rivet end, which is provided with a predetermined breaking point and in its function forms the rivet sleeve.
The rivet is pushed into the mouthpiece of the processing tool and then inserted into the prepared drill hole of the workpiece. When the tool is actuated, the clamping jaws grip the rivet mandrel and pull the sleeve together with the nail head until the mandrel breaks off at the predetermined breaking point.

Flat head/large flat head/sunk head multi-grip
  • Very large clamping ranges - One rivet for the entire application
  • Good hole soffit and high tensile values
  • Tolerance compensation for different…
Expanding blind rivets
  • Ideal for hard-soft joints such as wood, plastic,...
  • Rivet sleeve is divided into 4 parts and thus claws into the material
  • Has a load-distributing…
Press-stud rivets
  • Ideal for thin and soft material
  • Large contact surface increases contact pressure and thus high pull-out loads
  • Loss-proof residual rivet mandrel
Grooved blind rivets
  • Riveting in blind holes possible
  • Grooves claw themselves positively into the reveal of the bore
  • Ideal for wood and plastic applications
Blind rivets with thread
  • In staggered condition stud bolts for further assembly
  • Simple and quick processing
  • Different dimensions available from stock
Grounding rivet
  • Reliable and fast grounding of your product
  • Integrated brass teeth guarantee good electrical conduction
  • 1, 2 or 4 flat plugs available