Linear guide DFG115

Sliding guide HAFG115

extremely light, yet high load-bearing capacity

Load capacities of up to 4'000 N per runner

Optimum protection against dirt

Compact size and no moving parts

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Guide on slide rails

As an alternative to the ball or roller guides, there are also sliding guides. These are mainly used against dirt and dust and allow maintenance-free operation.

Features and Notes | all types

  • Lightweight aluminium track, lengths 1 m and 2 m with pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Ultra-low wear
  • No lubrication required: maintenance free
  • Resistant to dirt and dust
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Vibration resistant and quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistant and suitable for high pressure wash down
  • The guides can be used in any orientation. They have been designed to absorb equal wear in both the Y and Z orientations
  • Two or more tracks can be butted together to create a longer track. Misaligned tracks will cause exessive war on the guides
  • Please ensure loads are applied correctly and within limits specified
  • All fixing holes should be used
  • Off centre load will cause additional wear
  • Environment, temperature and speed can affect performance
  • Test products to your sepcific requirements

Features | HAFG115-CASSAA

  • Friction guide with automatic adjustment
  • Once loaded onto the track and the installation pins removed the guide automacitally adjusts the friction elements to produce a small preload
    This adjustment will continue to operate throughout the life of the product in th eunloaded orientations. The friction elements will also act as a preloaded floating bearing

Features | HAFG115-CASSMA

  • Friction guide with manual adjustment
  • Manually adjust the guide with an Allen key to create the perfect clearance or preload for your application

Features | HAFG115-CASSNA

  • Friction guide with no adjustment
  • The movement / clearance cannot be adjusted
Sliding guide HAFG115