Torque limiter with brake and radial clamping hub

Safety couplings FHW-H

Coupling with adjustable residual torque (holding brake). It is used when, in the event of a collision, the torque must only be reduced and not completely interrupted. This is often the case by screw driven lifting applications.

Disengagement torque from 1 to 400 Nm

Shaft diameter up to 50 mm

With adjustable residual moment

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• Adjustable disengagement torque
• Adjustable residual moment (break)
• Backlash-free
• High repetition accuracy
• Maintenance-free
• All working parts hardened
• Automatic re-engagement after 360°
• Reliable (positive) and fast disengagement
• Very low mass moment of inertia
• Vary options and special versions on request!