Torque limiter FHW-A for indirect drives

Safety couplings FHW-A

The light weight of the safety coupling FHW-A is used, where lightness plays an important rule. Thank to the use of aluminium, this coupling has a very low mass moment of inertia.

Disengagement torque from 0.7 to 1000 Nm

Shaft diameter up to 66 mm

Ultra-light all-aluminium

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• All-aluminium
• Resistant coated
• Adjustable Disengagement torque
• Very low residual moment
• Backlash-free
• High Repetition accuracy
• Maintenance-free
• Automatic re-engagement after 360°
• Reliable (positive) and fast disengagement
• Very low mass moment of inertia
• Various options and special versions on request!

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