Recirculating ball bearing guides - stable, precise and inexpensive from HA-CO

Rollon's classic recirculating ball bearing guide is complemented by Accuride products. Various design options are ensured by the variety of materials and sizes

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Recirculating ball bearing guide KUS

Load capacities up to 277'000 kg

Uniquely quiet running behavior

Various runner types and rail sizes

Miniature recirculating ball bearing guide KUM

Load capacities up to 8.93 kN
Also available in stainless steel
Different runner types and rail sizes

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0116RC

Load capacities of up to 1'500 N per runner

Aluminium profile with stainless steel or plastic balls

Optional products such as end stops, dampers…

Recirculating ball bearing guide HAA0115

Load capacities of up to 500 N per runner

Aluminium rail easy to join and thus free length

Various options: Soft close, end stops etc.