Telescopic rail full extension with locking HAZF53

Locked drawer slide up to 113 kg

Rail for medium loads with up to 1197 mm extension length, locking in extended and retracted state

  • Rail for medium loads, locking outside and inside.
  • Installation dimensions 19x 53mm
  • Max. Stroke: 1197 mm; Max. Load per pair: 1'130 N
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Designed for medium loads with locking device

This pull-out rail is used for applications with loads around 100 kg. The locking device can lock the rail in the open as well as in the closed state and thus ensures automatic extension of the drawer. In addition, thanks to the front quick release, the entire drawer can be extended without disassembling the drawer bottom. Attention: the front quick disconnect is activated by pressing the lever and you must be careful not to do this when the drawer is extended and full. Practical applications in the smallest of spaces.

Features HAZF53

  • Load value up to 113 kg per pair
  • Full extension with inside and outside locking system
  • 19mm rail thickness
  • Front quick disconnect
  • Galvanized steel
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Rail length [mm] Stroke Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000113529 HAZF53-0250-0247-VBL/VBRSteel250247100Available EUR 38,00 Pair
1000113530 HAZF53-0300-0297-VBL/VBRSteel300297100Available EUR 41,30 Pair
1000113531 HAZF53-0350-0347-VBL/VBRSteel350347113Available EUR 44,60 Pair
1001106446 HAZF53-0400-0397-VBL/VBRSteel400397113Available EUR 48,00 Pair
1000113532 HAZF53-0450-0447-VBL/VBRSteel450447113Available EUR 51,30 Pair
1001106447 HAZF53-0500-0497-VBL/VBRSteel500497113Available EUR 54,60 Pair
1000113533 HAZF53-0550-0547-VBL/VBRSteel550547113Available EUR 57,90 Pair
1001106448 HAZF53-0600-0597-VBL/VBRSteel600597113Available EUR 61,20 Pair
1000113534 HAZF53-0650-0647-VBL/VBRSteel650647113Available EUR 64,50 Pair
1000113303 HAZF53-0700-0697-VBL/VBRSteel700697110Available EUR 67,80 Pair
1000113535 HAZF53-0750-0747-VBL/VBRSteel750747110Available EUR 71,20 Pair
1001106449 HAZF53-0800-0797-VBL/VBRSteel800797100Available EUR 74,40 Pair
1000113536 HAZF53-0850-0847-VBL/VBRSteel85084790Available EUR 77,80 Pair
1000113518 HAZF53-0900-0897-VBL/VBRSteel90089790Available EUR 81,10 Pair
1000113537 HAZF53-0950-0947-VBL/VBRSteel95094790Available EUR 84,40 Pair
1001106450 HAZF53-1000-0997-VBL/VBRSteel100099785Available EUR 87,60 Pair
1000113538 HAZF53-1100-1097-VBL/VBRSteel1100109785Available EUR 96,40 Pair
1000113427 HAZF53-1200-1197-VBL/VBRSteel1200119780Available EUR 105,40 Pair
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