Press-in threaded bolt and press-in studs

For the production of heavy-duty threads for thin sheets, printed circuit boards and plastic parts. Available from stock in thread sizes M2 to M12. Different materials available.

HA-CO press-in threaded studs are case-hardened and thus achieve a steel quality higher than 8.8.

Press-in threaded bolt
  • Press-in bolts for through holes
  • No additional countersinking or welding necessary
  • Various materials and lengths available from stock
Press-in bolts without thread with chamfer
  • Centring attachment for better positioning
  • Design in steel or stainless steel
  • Quick and easy installation
Press-in bolts for small edge distances
  • Ideal for applications with limited space
  • Due to small head hardly visible in the sheet metal
  • Tightening torques and forces similar to standard…
Heavy duty press-in bolts
  • Perfect for applications with high requirements
  • Bolt not flush with the sheet metal after pressing in
  • Optional centre point for better positioning…
Heavy duty press-in bolts for thin sheets
  • Perfectly suited for applications with high demands and thin materials
  • Bolt not flush with the sheet metal after pressing in
  • Optional centre point…
Press-in bolt for blind hole mounting
  • No marks on the head side due to blind hole installation
  • Ideal for front panels or membrane keyboards
  • Different versions for different material…
Clinch studs for plastics
  • Phosphor bronze and tinned for a good soldering result
  • Ideal for mounting on printed circuit boards or also in cast aluminium components
  • Quick and…