Telescopic slide partial extension 2026 for flat mounting

Partial extension HAZ2026

Two-way telescopic rail with partial extension

Pull-out on both sides possible

Installation dimensions 9.5 x 35.3 mm

Max. Stroke: 507 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 500 N

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Telescopic slide

Accuride's DZ2026 partial-extension telescopic slide has an extension in both directions. The slides lock into place in the open position and can be closed again with increased force. The two-sided pull-out allows access from both sides.


  • Two-way travel
  • Load rating up to 50 kg per pair
  • 75% extension
  • 9.5mm slide thickness
  • Hold-out on both sides
  • Suitable for flat mounting
  • Steel galvanised


  • Sold in pairs
  • Fixing recommendation: M4 screw/4mm wood screw
  • Max. head ht. 2.5mm/Ø9.6mm
  • Load ratings quoted are the maximum for a pair of side mounted slides, installed 450mm apart, unless otherwise stated
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances
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Article Nr Designation Material Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107010 HAZ2026-0030Steel300208.850Available EUR 8,30 pcs
1000107011 HAZ2026-0035Steel350246.150Available EUR 8,50 pcs
1000107012 HAZ2026-0040Steel400283.445Available EUR 8,70 pcs
1000107013 HAZ2026-0045Steel450320.740Available EUR 8,80 pcs
1000107014 HAZ2026-0050Steel50035840Available EUR 9,00 pcs
1000107015 HAZ2026-0055Steel550395.335Available EUR 9,20 pcs
1000107016 HAZ2026-0060Steel600432.635Available EUR 9,30 pcs
1000107017 HAZ2026-0065Steel650469.930Available EUR 9,50 pcs
1000107018 HAZ2026-0070Steel700507.230Available EUR 9,70 pcs
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