Telescopic slide full extension 5321 with self retraction

Full extension HAZ5321EC/5321SC

Heavy duty rail with over-extension runner

Various designs, heavy duty rail

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 53.1 mm

Max. Stroke: 1100 mm; Max. Load capacity per pair: 1'200 N

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Heavy duty rail

Accuride's DZ5321EC/5321SC Self Close heavy duty slide is suitable for the storage of heavy and sensitive equipment.

Here you will find the corresponding mounting brackets. For the exact configuration of the brackets, please refer to the documents in the download or contact us.

Features HAZ5321EC

  • Damped self retraction
  • Load value up to 100 kg per pair
  • Full extract
  • 19.1mm rail thickness
  • Suitable for drawer widths up to 1000mm
  • Extraction force 25N± 5 N
  • Easy Close damping system on the last 45mm before the closed position
  • Optional angle accessory sets for various mounting options

Features HAZ5321SC

  • Self-fefeed
  • Load value up to 120 kg per pair
  • Full extract
  • 19.1mm rail thickness
  • Detent in closed position

Notes on the individual rail types are explained in the catalogue and data sheet.


Full extension HAZ5321EC/5321SC
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107465 HAZ5321-0040ECSteelEasy Close40038865Available Soon EUR 35,30 pcs
1000107466 HAZ5321-0045ECSteelEasy Close45045065Available Soon EUR 37,10 pcs
1000107467 HAZ5321-0050ECSteelEasy Close50050070Available Soon EUR 39,10 pcs
1000107468 HAZ5321-0055ECSteelEasy Close55055085Available Soon EUR 40,90 pcs
1000107469 HAZ5321-0060ECSteelEasy Close600600100Available Soon EUR 42,90 pcs
1000107470 HAZ5321-0070EC-ASteelEasy Close700700100Available Soon EUR 46,70 pcs
1000107471 HAZ5321-0080EC-ASteelEasy Close80080090Available Soon EUR 50,50 pcs
1000107472 HAZ5321-0090EC-ASteelEasy Close90090085Available Soon EUR 84,80 pcs
1000107473 HAZ5321-0100EC-ASteelEasy Close1000100080Available Soon EUR 89,20 pcs
1000107474 HAZ5321-0110EC-ASteelEasy Close1100110075Available Soon EUR 93,70 pcs
1000107444 HAZ5321-0030SCSteelSelf close30031985Available EUR 28,30 pcs
1000107445 HAZ5321-0035SCSteelSelf close35036990Available EUR 30,30 pcs
1000107446 HAZ5321-0040SCSteelSelf close400419100Available EUR 32,10 pcs
1000107447 HAZ5321-0045SCSteelSelf close450469110Available EUR 34,10 pcs
1000107448 HAZ5321-0050SCSteelSelf close500519120Available EUR 35,90 pcs
1000107449 HAZ5321-0055SCSteelSelf close550569110Available EUR 37,80
1000107450 HAZ5321-0060SCSteelSelf close600619100Available EUR 39,70 pcs
1000107451 HAZ5321-0070SCSteelSelf close70071970Available EUR 43,60 pcs
1000107452 HAZ5321-0080SCSteelSelf close79082350Available EUR 47,40 pcs
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