Telescopic slide full extension 5321 with snap-in function

Full extension HAZ5321/5321-60

Heavy duty rail with full extension slide

Various designs, heavy duty rail

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 53.1 mm

Max. Stroke: 1100 mm; Max. Load capacity per pair: 1'600 N

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Telescopic slide

Accuride's DZ5321 pull-out rail is ideal for heavy-duty applications and features a latching function to prevent accidental opening. The latch can be released with increased force.

To make it easier for you to mount a drawer, you will find the corresponding mounting brackets here. For further details, please refer to the documents in the download or contact us.

Features HAZ5321

  • Load value up to 140/160 kg per pair
  • Full extract
  • 19.1mm rail thickness
  • Detent in closed position
  • Optional angle accessory sets for various mounting options
  • Steel galvanised

Features HAZ5321-60

  • Load value up to 120 kg per pair
  • Full extract
  • 20.7mm rail thickness
  • Bracket for floor mounting
  • Detent in closed position
  • Steel galvanised

Notes on the individual rail types are explained in the catalogue and data sheet.


Full extension HAZ5321/5321-60
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Rail length [mm] Stroke Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107464 HAZ5321-0110-ASteel11001123.570Available Soon EUR 90,10 pcs
1000107463 HAZ5321-0100-ASteel10001023.580Available Soon EUR 85,50 pcs
1000107462 HAZ5321-0090-ASteel900923.590Available Soon EUR 81,10 pcs
1000107461 HAZ5321-0080-ASteel790803.5100Available EUR 41,70 pcs
1000107460 HAZ5321-0070-ASteel700723.5130Available EUR 37,70 pcs
1000107459 HAZ5321-0060Steel600623.515Available EUR 34,00 pcs
1000107453 HAZ5321-0030Steel300323.5130Available EUR 22,60 pcs
1000107458 HAZ5321-0055Steel550573.5160Available EUR 32,10 pcs
1000107457 HAZ5321-0050Steel500523.5160Available EUR 30,20 pcs
1000107456 HAZ5321-0045Steel450473.5160Available EUR 28,20 pcs
1000107455 HAZ5321-0040Steel400423.5150Available EUR 26,40 pcs
1000107454 HAZ5321-0035Steel350373.5140Available EUR 24,50 pcs
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