Telescopic slide 0522 with shock absorbing blocks

Full extension HAZ0522

for high loads, has shock absorbing blocks to protect against shock and vibration and much more.

Good protection against dirt thanks to cover

Installation dimensions 50.5 x 95.5 mm

Max. Stroke: 924 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 1'800 N

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Heavy-duty pull-out

Accuride's DZ0522 heavy-duty rail is suitable for heavy duty applications and features shock absorbing blocks to protect against shock and vibration. A cover prevents extreme contamination of the ball tracks.


  • Load rating up to 180kg per pair
  • Full extension
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Shock blocks for protection against shock and vibration
  • Protective shroud prevents excessive contamination of the ball tracks
  • Mounting plates on inner and outer members
  • Galvanised steel


  • Load Ratings vary depending upon application
  • On HAZ0522-1162 there are additional Fixing positions at Pitch A
  • Fixing recommendation: M6 screw on the inner extending member, M8 screws on the outer fixed member
  • Slide assembly is handed
  • Total length (TL) = slide length+24mm
  • All fixing positions must be used to achieve maximum load rating
  • The cabinet and drawer must be designed to minimise any torsiion or deflection of the slide
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances


0522 Load ratings

The load ratings shown below are representative of a wide range of typical Moderate use up to 180kg Load Rating is based on a 600mm slide in a 500mm wide drawer, dycled 10'000 times.

Frequent use up to 140kg Load Rating is based on a 600mm slide in a 500mm wide drawer, dycled 40'000 times.

Caution: This slide must never be used as a pull-out step, platform or any other application supporting human weight. Vertical (side) mounting only.

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1000106990 HAZ0522-1159LSteel457481180Available Soon EUR 158,30 pcs
1000106991 HAZ0522-1159RSteel457481180Available Soon EUR 158,30 pcs
1000106992 HAZ0522-1161LSteel600624180Available Soon EUR 186,20 pcs
1000106993 HAZ0522-1161RSteel600624180Available Soon EUR 186,20 pcs
1000106994 HAZ0522-1162LSteel900924150Available Soon EUR 315,40 pcs
1000106995 HAZ0522-1162RSteel900924150Available Soon EUR 315,40 pcs
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