Locking lever HABHAND/HABHANL corrosion resistant

Locking handle kit HABHAND/HABHANL

with pushbutton lock, corrosion-resistant

Locking lever with pushbutton lock

Suitable for drawres up to 1.5 m wide

Centrally located push-button lock mechanism

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Locking lever for drawers


  • HAND 2:
    • 1 pc. Locking lever with enhancer mechanism
    • 1 pc. Push button with 120 N pressure force
    • 2 pcs. support blocks
    • 2 pcs. pens
    • without stainless steel rods (please order separately)
  • HABHANL-2:
    • Analogue HABHAND-2 but push button force: 60 N
  • HASHAN3-0100-2
    • 2x stainless steel rods à 500 mm for drawers up to 1122 mm width
  • HASHAN3-0150-2
    • 2x stainless steel rods 750 mm each for drawers up to 1622 mm width
  • HAYHAN4-5
    • 2x snap fasteners
    • 2x locking knobs
    • 1x angle
    • without M10 threaded rod 50 mm to connect to the snap fasteners


  • Fixing recommendation: M5 screw
  • Load ratings will be limited by the maximum cycle and load rate stated for the slide length, see data sheet
  • Lock-out cannot be used on overextension
Locking handle kit HABHAND/HABHANL
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1000107674 HABHAND2Available EUR 40,20 Kit
1000107675 HABHANL2Available EUR 40,20 Kit
1000107676 HASHAN3-0100-2Available EUR 38,00 pcs
1000107677 HASHAN3-0150-2Available EUR 42,30 pcs
1000107678 HAYHAN4-5Available EUR 12,30 Kit
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