Locked drawer slides

In some cases it makes sense that the telescopic slides are equipped with a lock which can be locked in the closed as well as in the open state. e.g. in vehicle construction or camping it is important that a drawer does not open or close by itself. Also here we have suitable products for you in stock.

Telescopic rail HAZF53
  • Rail for medium loads, locking outside and inside.
  • Installation dimensions 19x 53mm
  • Max. Stroke: 1197 mm; Max. Load per pair: 1'130 N
Full extension HAZ2731CL

Lever for locking in closed position

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 27.0 mm

Max. Stroke: 502 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 300 N

Full extension HAZ3308

Locking outside via inside lever, inside via front lever

Installation dimensions 12.7 x 50.8 mm

Max. Stroke:737 mm; Max. load capacity per pair:680…

Full extension HAZ9308-E

Heavy duty rail, locking outside and inside

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 76.2 mm

Max. Stroke: 1524 mm; Max. Load capacity per pair: 2'720 N

Assortment of different rails with interlock