Light plastic rollers Guide in aluminium profile

Linear guides S-light

Load of up to 150 N per runner

Rollers in plastic

Outstanding smooth running properties

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Lightweight roller guide with plastic rollers

A further in-house development aims at the range of rather small loads. The plastic rollers have a very smooth running. Together with the aluminium rail this results in a very light linear guide.


  • Linear guides with plastic roller
  • Load rating up to 150 N
  • Aluminium profile, length up to max. 2,40m
  • Rails available with or without mounting holes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • End stops available separately
  • Several runners per system possible
  • Outstanding smooth running properties
  • Customized runners on request

Adjusting the eccentric roller

The special flat wrench supplied is inserted from the side between rail and slider and placed on the hexagon of the eccentric pin. By turning the flat wrench clockwise, the roller to be adjusted is pressed against the upper raceway and the slider is thus free of play. Avoid excessive preload, which reduces the service life. After adjustment, tighten the fixing screw while the flat wrench holds the angular position of the trunnion.