Telescopic slide full extension 5417 with easy-close mechanism

HAZ5417EC with easy close

Telescopic rail with Easy Close retraction 5417EC

Detent in closed position; damped self-closing

Installation dimensions 17.5 x 54.0 mm

Max. Stroke: 733 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 550 N

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Slide rail

Accuride's DZ5417EC full-extension slide has a latching function in the closed position that prevents accidental opening by sliding the drawer unit. The damped self-closing feature ensures quiet and secure closing.

Features HAZ5417EC

  • Damped self retraction
  • Load value up to 55 kg per pair
  • Full extract
  • 17.5mm rail thickness
  • Extraction force 25N ± 5N
  • Soft close damping system on the last 45mm before the closed position
  • Steel galvanised

Notes HAZ5417EC

  • Recommended mounting: Wood screw 4mm/M4 countersunk screw
  • Vertical mounting only
  • Operating range 10-40°C
  • If not otherwise specified, the stated load capacities are the maximum achievable with a pair of side-mounted guideways with 450 mm rail spacing
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Article Nr Designation Material Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107512 HAZ5417-0040ECSteel400400.245Available Soon EUR 31,20 pcs
1000107514 HAZ5417-0045ECSteel450449.445Available Soon EUR 32,60 pcs
1000107516 HAZ5417-0050ECSteel500498.650Available Soon EUR 33,80 pcs
1000107518 HAZ5417-0055ECSteel550547.850Available Soon EUR 34,70 pcs
1000107520 HAZ5417-0060ECSteel60059750Available Soon EUR 35,80 pcs
1000107523 HAZ5417-0070ECSteel700695.455Available Soon EUR 37,00 pcs
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