Telescopic slide full extension 9308-E with interlock

Full extension HAZ9308-E

Rail for heavy loads with optional angle accessory kits for various mounting options

Heavy duty rail, locking outside and inside

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 76.2 mm

Max. Stroke: 1524 mm; Max. Load capacity per pair: 2'720 N

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Drawer pull-out

This telescopic slide DZ9308-E is equipped with a locking device in retracted and extended position, which can be controlled by a lever. This makes it ideal for use in commercial vehicles or mobile storage systems. What could be simpler than using the prefabricated mounting brackets to also attach the drawer at the same time. This saves you time and the attachment is optimally aligned with the rail.


  • Load rating up to 272 kg per pair
  • Full extension
  • 19.1mm slide thickness
  • Slides sold singly
  • Lock-in, Lock-out
  • Front lever lock release
  • Optional bracket accessory kits for various mounting options
  • Steel galvanised


  • Load ratings vary depending upon application
  • Fixing recommendation: M5 and M6 screws/carriage bolts
  • Max. head ht. 4.8mm/Ø12.7mm
  • Vertical mounting only
  • Use slide 9301 as a non-locking companion slide
  • For applications requiring a lock on both sides, order an equal amount of ‘L’ and ‘R’ slides
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensionaltolerances


Full extension HAZ9308-E
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Article Nr Designation Material Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107634 HAZ9308-0010L-ESteel254254272Available Soon EUR 65,50 pcs
1000107635 HAZ9308-0010R-ESteel254254272Available Soon EUR 65,50 pcs
1000107636 HAZ9308-0012L-ESteel304.8304.8272Available EUR 68,90 pcs
1000107637 HAZ9308-0012R-ESteel304.8304.8272Available EUR 68,90 pcs
1000107638 HAZ9308-0014L-ESteel355.6355.6272Available EUR 71,50 pcs
1000107639 HAZ9308-0014R-ESteel355.6355.6272Available EUR 71,50 pcs
1000107640 HAZ9308-0016L-ESteel406.4406.4272Available EUR 75,90 pcs
1000107641 HAZ9308-0016R-ESteel406.4406.4272Available EUR 75,90 pcs
1000107642 HAZ9308-0018L-ESteel457.2457.2272Available EUR 80,40 pcs
1000107643 HAZ9308-0018R-ESteel457.2457.2272Available EUR 80,40 pcs
1000107644 HAZ9308-0020L-ESteel508508272Available EUR 84,00 pcs
1000107645 HAZ9308-0020R-ESteel508508272Available EUR 84,00 pcs
1000107646 HAZ9308-0022L-ESteel558.8558.8272Available EUR 89,20 pcs
1000107647 HAZ9308-0022R-ESteel558.8558.8272Available EUR 89,20 pcs
1000107648 HAZ9308-0024L-ESteel609.6609.6267Available EUR 95,90 pcs
1000107649 HAZ9308-0024R-ESteel609.6609.6267Available EUR 95,90 pcs
1000107650 HAZ9308-0026L-ESteel660.4660.4264Available EUR 100,90 pcs
1000107651 HAZ9308-0026R-ESteel660.4660.4264Available EUR 100,90 pcs
1000107652 HAZ9308-0028L-ESteel711.2711.2261Available EUR 105,80 pcs
1000107653 HAZ9308-0028R-ESteel711.2711.2261Available EUR 105,80 pcs
1000107654 HAZ9308-0030L-ESteel762762258Available EUR 112,40 pcs
1000107655 HAZ9308-0030R-ESteel762762258Available EUR 112,40 pcs
1000107656 HAZ9308-0032L-ESteel812.8812.8256Available EUR 119,30 pcs
1000107657 HAZ9308-0032R-ESteel812.8812.8256Available EUR 119,30 pcs
1000107658 HAZ9308-0034L-ESteel863.6863.6253Available EUR 141,10 pcs
1000107659 HAZ9308-0034R-ESteel863.6863.6253Available EUR 141,10 pcs
1000107660 HAZ9308-0036L-ESteel914.4914.4248Available EUR 145,00 pcs
1000107661 HAZ9308-0036R-ESteel914.4914.4248Available EUR 145,00 pcs
1000107662 HAZ9308-0040L-ESteel10161016237Available EUR 169,20 pcs
1000107663 HAZ9308-0040R-ESteel10161016237Available EUR 169,20 pcs
1000107664 HAZ9308-0042L-ESteel1066.81066.8228Available EUR 183,10 pcs
1000107665 HAZ9308-0042R-ESteel1066.81066.8228Available EUR 183,10 pcs
1000100798 HAZ9308-0044L-ESteel1117.61117.6218Available Soon EUR 0,00 pcs
1000100799 HAZ9308-0044R-ESteel1117.61117.6218Available Soon EUR 0,00 pcs
1000107666 HAZ9308-0048L-ESteel1219.21219.2204Available EUR 226,60 pcs
1000107667 HAZ9308-0048R-ESteel1219.21219.2204Available Soon EUR 226,60 pcs
1000107668 HAZ9308-0054L-ESteel1371.61371.6196Available EUR 254,20 pcs
1000107669 HAZ9308-0054R-ESteel1371.61371.6196Available Soon EUR 254,20 pcs
1000107670 HAZ9308-0060L-ESteel15241524182Available Soon EUR 299,70 pcs
1000107671 HAZ9308-0060R-ESteel15241524182Available Soon EUR 299,70 pcs
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