Heavy duty telescopic slide full extension 7957

Full extension HAZ7957

Heavy duty telescopic slide with full extension, for drawer widths up to 1000mm

For drawers -1000 mm width, front quick release

Installation dimensions 19.1 x 70.8 mm

Max. Stroke: 914 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 1'600 N

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Slide rail

Accuride's DZ7957 telescopic slide features a front quick release and full extension slide. This model is suitable for drawer widths up to 1000mm and heavy loads up to 160kg. Optional bracket kits allow a variety of mounting options and reduce your workload.


  • Load rating up to 160 kg per pair
  • Full extension
  • 19.1mm slide thickness
  • Suitable for drawers up to 1000m wide
  • Front disconnect
  • Optional bracket accessory kits for various mounting options
  • Steel galvanised


  • Fixing recommendation: M5/M6 countersunk screw
  • We recommend that a centrally positioned pull handle is used on wide drawers
  • Handed slide assembly - levers move in same direction when pair of slides installed
  • The fixings included will not fit the 7957 slide, we recommend using M6 countersunk screws


Full extension HAZ7957
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Article Nr Designation Material Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107555 HAZ7957-0012-2Steel304.8304.8140Available EUR 24,90 pcs
1000107556 HAZ7957-0014-2Steel355.6355.6140Available EUR 26,90 pcs
1000107557 HAZ7957-0016-2Steel406.4406.4150Available EUR 29,00 pcs
1000107558 HAZ7957-0018-2Steel457.2457.2150Available EUR 31,00 pcs
1000107559 HAZ7957-0020-2Steel508508160Available EUR 33,20 pcs
1000107560 HAZ7957-0022-2Steel558.8558.8160Available EUR 35,30 pcs
1000107561 HAZ7957-0024-2Steel609.6609.6160Available EUR 37,40 pcs
1000107562 HAZ7957-0026-2Steel660.4660.4160Available EUR 39,20 pcs
1000107563 HAZ7957-0028-2Steel711.2711.2160Available EUR 41,50 pcs
1000107564 HAZ7957-0030-2Steel762762160Available EUR 44,00 pcs
1000107565 HAZ7957-0032-2Steel812.8812.8160Available EUR 45,70 pcs
1000107566 HAZ7957-0034-2Steel863.6863.6160Available EUR 47,70 pcs
1000107567 HAZ7957-0036-2Steel914.4914.4160Available EUR 89,20 pcs
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