Telescopic slide full extension 7400-50SC with bayonet mounting

Full extension HAZ7400-50SC

Drawer guide - bayonet, Self close

Mounting in closed position, bayonet mounting

Installation dimensions 14.3 x 43.5 mm

Max. Stroke: 712 mm; Max. load capacity per pair: 450 N

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Drawer pull-out

Accuride's DZ7400-50SC self-closing, bayonet mount, drawer slide for use in metal applications. The latching action in the closed position prevents accidental opening.


  • Self close (lengths 500-700mm)
  • Load rating up to 45kg per pair
  • Full extension
  • 13mm slide thickness
  • Hold-in
  • Bayonet mounting
  • Galvanised steel


  • Self close is only available on lengths 500-700mm
  • Bayonet mountin gfor metal cabinets and chassis walls of between 1.0-1.2mm thickness
  • Vertical (side) mounting only
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107546 HAZ7400-5030-2Steel30031440Available Soon EUR 13,90 pcs
1000107547 HAZ7400-5035-2Steel35036441Available Soon EUR 14,40 pcs
1000107548 HAZ7400-5040-2Steel40041442Available Soon EUR 14,90 pcs
1000107549 HAZ7400-5045-2Steel45046445Available Soon EUR 15,40 pcs
1000107550 HAZ7400-5050SC-2SteelSelf close500512.545Available Soon EUR 17,80 pcs
1000107551 HAZ7400-5055SC-2SteelSelf close550562.543Available Soon EUR 18,40 pcs
1000107552 HAZ7400-5060SC-2SteelSelf close600612.541Available Soon EUR 18,90 pcs
1000107553 HAZ7400-5065SC-2SteelSelf close650662.539Available Soon EUR 19,40 pcs
1000107554 HAZ7400-5070SC-2SteelSelf close700712.538Available Soon EUR 20,00 pcs
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