Telescopic slide full extension 3832 series with self retraction

Full extension HAZ3832EC/3832SC

for medium loads, available in various designs

Countless designs, e.g. Self- and Easyclose etc.

Installation dimensions 12.7 x 45.7 mm

Max. Stroke: 711 mm; Max. load per pair: 500 N

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Drawer pull-out with self-closing mechanism

Accuride's DZ3832 range of telscopic slides feature a front quick release and a (cushioned (EC)) self-closing feature. This ensures a securely closed drawer. Drawer assembly is simplified by the adjustment cam, which allows precise vertical adjustment of the drawer front.

Features and Notes | complete series

  • Full extension
  • Front disconnect
  • Cam drawer adjust (3.2mm)
  • Fixing recommendation: M4 screw/4mm wood screw/6mm Euro-screw
  • Max. head. ht. 2.5mm/Ø9.6mm
  • Steel galvanised

Features and Notes | 3832EC-B

  • Easy close
  • Load ratings up to 45 kg per pair
  • 12.7mm slide thickness
  • Hold-in
  • Vertical (side) mounting only
  • Not for lateral file drawer applications or where the drawer is wider than it is deep
  • Drawer width should not exceed slide length
  • Operating range 10-40°C

Features and Notes | 3832SC / 3832HDSC

  • Two self-close options
  • Load ratings up to 45/50 kg per pair
  • 12.7mm slide thickness (14mm with mounting bracket)
  • Optional clip-on bracket for bottom and plattform mounting (not for length 300mm)
  • Hold-in
  • Horizontal mounting not recommended
  • Drawer width should not exceed slide length
  • HAW3832SC - load rating up to 45 kg
Full extension HAZ3832EC/3832SC
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Rail length [mm] Stroke Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000107315 HAZ3832-0035EC-BSteelEasy Close35031043Available Soon EUR 13,10 pcs
1000107316 HAZ3832-0040EC-BSteelEasy Close40040644Available Soon EUR 13,30 pcs
1000107317 HAZ3832-0045EC-BSteelEasy Close45045745Available Soon EUR 13,50 pcs
1000107318 HAZ3832-0050EC-BSteelEasy Close50050845Available Soon EUR 13,70 pcs
1000107319 HAZ3832-0055EC-BSteelEasy Close55055945Available Soon EUR 14,40 pcs
1000107320 HAZ3832-0060EC-BSteelEasy Close60061045Available Soon EUR 15,10 pcs
1000107321 HAZ3832-0065EC-BSteelEasy Close65066044Available Soon EUR 15,50 pcs
1000107322 HAZ3832-0070EC-BSteelEasy Close70071143Available Soon EUR 16,20 pcs
1000107324 HAZ3832-0030SCSteelSelf close30028648Available EUR 12,00 pcs
1000107326 HAZ3832-0035SCSteelSelf close35035649Available EUR 12,10 pcs
1000107328 HAZ3832-0040SCSteelSelf close40040650Available EUR 12,50 pcs
1000107330 HAZ3832-0045SCSteelSelf close45045750Available EUR 12,80 pcs
1000107332 HAZ3832-0050SCSteelSelf close50050850Available EUR 13,00 pcs
1000107334 HAZ3832-0055SCSteelSelf close55055950Available EUR 13,40 pcs
1000107336 HAZ3832-0060SCSteelSelf close60061050Available EUR 13,90 pcs
1000107338 HAZ3832-0065SCSteelSelf close65066049Available EUR 14,30 pcs
1000107323 HAZ3832-0030HDSCSteelHeavy self close30028648Available Soon EUR 12,60 pcs
1000107325 HAZ3832-0035HDSCSteelHeavy self close35035649Available Soon EUR 12,80 pcs
1000107327 HAZ3832-0040HDSCSteelHeavy self close40040650Available Soon EUR 13,10 pcs
1000107329 HAZ3832-0045HDSCSteelHeavy self close45045750Available Soon EUR 13,30 pcs
1000107331 HAZ3832-0050HDSCSteelHeavy self close50050850Available Soon EUR 13,50 pcs
1000107333 HAZ3832-0055HDSCSteelHeavy self close55055950Available Soon EUR 14,10 pcs
1000107335 HAZ3832-0060HDSCSteelHeavy self close60061050Available Soon EUR 14,70 pcs
1000107337 HAZ3832-0065HDSCSteelHeavy self close65066049Available Soon EUR 15,10 pcs
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