Elastomer coupling / claw coupling SKS

Elastomer coupling SKS

Short version with clamping hub and optimum damping characteristics. SKK compensating coupling!

Nominal torque from 1.8 to 200 Nm

Max. torque from 3.6 to 400 Nm

Speed from 6000 to 19000 rpm

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  • Aluminum clamping hubs
  • Backlash-free torque transmission thanks to preload
  • Plug-in parts allow easy assembly
  • Best damping behavior thanks to elastomer stars in 98° Shore A
  • Wide temperature application range
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Perfect for servo motors
  • Other elastomer star hardnesses available
  • Please contact us for special designs

Please refer to the data sheet for the minimum resp. maximum coupling diameters. Please indicate them in the remarks field when ordering.
Normally a red star is installed and also included in the values of the table. To get another star, please also enter a remark in the field.

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Technical specifications, properties, environmental influences, etc.

This information is important for the design of the product. If it is an order, they serve to verify your product choice.

Article Nr Designation Material Max. Torque [Nm] Outside diameter [mm] Inside diameter [mm] Length [mm] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
SKS-5Aluminium519.54 - 15 mm34Unavailable EUR 0,00 pcs
SKS-9Aluminium9254 - 15 mm38Unavailable EUR 33,30 pcs
SKS-12Aluminium12.529.55 - 25 mm48Unavailable EUR 37,50 pcs
SKS-17Aluminium1739.58 - 30 mm65Unavailable EUR 41,70 pcs
SKS-60Aluminium6054.510 - 36 mm73Unavailable EUR 56,20 pcs
SKS-160Aluminium16064.514 - 42 mm83Unavailable EUR 62,50 pcs
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