Connection Technology / Fastening Technology

The product range of HA-CO offers a variety of solution-oriented products in the area of connection technology. As a competent partner you get a selection of high-quality fasteners:

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  • For the production of heavy-duty threads in thin sheets
  • Simple and quick assembly without additional tools
  • Wide assortment, warehouse for…
  • Flat head, countersunk head and micro countersunk head Blind rivet nuts from stock
  • Different materials available
  • Very quick and easy installation…
  • Standard blind rivets available from stock
  • Heavy duty blind rivets for high strength applications
  • Locking ring bolts and locking rings for a…
  • Additional processing of the carrier material not necessary
  • No arrears on the opposite side
  • Quick and uncomplicated processing
  • Different hole diameters
  • Different materials
  • Special types such as earthing cage nuts from stock
  • Wire thread inserts
  • Heavy duty fabric inserts
  • Thread inserts for hot or cold pressing
  • Threaded inserts for screwing in, or inserting
  • Special thread inserts on request
  • Ideal if you do not want to destroy the structure
  • Different shapes and materials available
  • Special shapes possible due to in-house production
  • Hinges, clasps
  • Twist locks and compression locks
  • 1/4 twist and press closures