Fastening & Joining Technology

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HA-CO's product range consists of a variety of solution-oriented fastening technology products. As leading specialists in fastening technology, we offer innovative, precise components and customized solutions for any application in your industry. We know that standard sizes do not always fit. That's why we offer special solutions - even in small quantities.

Our range includes blind rivets, cage nuts, press-in fasteners, fasteners, quick couplers and lightweight fasteners, among others. 

Are you dealing with crack-sensitive materials? Keep Nut are perfect for making a thread that can withstand high loads up to 500 kg.

If you want to close holes or channels in the workpiece, you should take a closer look at our closing & sealing plugs. They are easy to handle and available from stock in various diameters and materials.

Our welding elements such as welding studs or pins can also be processed in a flash thanks to the tip ignition process.

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Self Clinching Fasteners
  • For the production of heavy-duty threads in thin sheets
  • Simple and quick assembly without additional tools
  • Wide assortment, warehouse for…
Blind Rivet Nuts
  • Flat head, countersunk head and micro countersunk head Blind rivet nuts from stock
  • Different materials available
  • Very quick and easy installation…
Blind Rivets / Heavy Duty Rivets / heavy duty pins
  • Standard blind rivets available from stock
  • Heavy duty blind rivets for high strength applications
  • Locking ring bolts and locking rings for a…
Welding Studs / Welding elements
  • Additional processing of the carrier material not necessary
  • No arrears on the opposite side
  • Quick and uncomplicated processing
Cage Nuts
  • Different hole diameters
  • Different materials
  • Special types such as earthing cage nuts from stock
Thread inserts for metals
  • Wire thread inserts
  • Heavy duty fabric inserts
Fasteners for polymers
  • Thread inserts for hot or cold pressing
  • Threaded inserts for screwing in, or inserting
  • Special thread inserts on request
Screws for plastic applications
  • Self-tapping screws for direct screwing
  • Better grip due to steeper thread
  • Different designs possible
Fasteners for lightweight materials
  • No destruction of the material structure
  • Different shapes and materials available
  • Special shapes on request
Closures / Closure technology
  • Hinges, clasps
  • Twist locks and compression locks
  • 1/4 twist and press closures
Keep Nut
  • Pull-out forces up to 500kg and more per keep groove possible due to the load distribution in the material
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Perfect for the…
Crown Nut
  • Ideal for making heavy-duty threads in a round or shaped tube.
  • Also available with cover cap for a clean finish
  • Quick and easy assembly - no more…
Quick couplings
  • Couplings for pneumatic, hydraulic and water applications
  • Multicouplings and monocouplings
  • Hoses, clamps and accessories also available
Pressure amplifier
  • Low inlet pressure e.g.: 20bar , high outlet pressure e.g.: 800bar
  • Designs in steel, stainless steel,... possible
  • Simple and compact design

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