Ball bearing guides - reliable solutions for you

These guides convince with their high loads and compact design. In addition to Rollon and Accuride products, we also offer our new development PSK. Thanks to the variety of our products we can guarantee that the optimal solution is ready for you.

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Ball bearing guide PSK in stainless steel rail

Load capacities of up to 2'950 N per runner

Stainless steel guide in 2 sizes

Own development of the HA-CO Group

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ0115RS

Load capacity of 600 N per runner

Sequence synchronisation by means of inserted belt

Precise linear movement over the entire travel path

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ1312

Load capacity of 600 N per runner

Detent in extended position at one end

Vertical or horizontal mounting

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ2415

Load capacity of 185 N per runner

Vertical or horizontal mounting

Very compact size with 8 mm thickness