Linear motion slide DZ0115RS

Caged ball bearing guide HAZ0115RS

for applications that do not require high precision, medium loads

Load capacity of 600 N per runner

Sequence synchronisation by means of inserted belt

Precise linear movement over the entire travel path

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Linear guide with balls

Linear guide with ball cages and a sequence synchronisation, i.e. there can be no ball cage displacement within the rail.


  • Load rating: up to 50 kg with vertical mounting/up to 60 kg with horizontal mounting
  • Retainer synchronization
  • Precise linear motion through the full travel
  • Moving member fully supported on ball bearings at all times
  • Slides sold singly


  • Fixing recommendation: M5 screw
  • Can be used upright as a non-load bearing guide
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Article Nr Designation Material Special Feature Size Rail length [mm] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
1000106914 HAZ0115-0030RSSteelProcess Synchronization305Available EUR 16,40 pcs
1000106915 HAZ0115-0035RSSteelProcess Synchronization356Available EUR 17,10 pcs
1000106916 HAZ0115-0040RSSteelProcess Synchronization406Available EUR 17,80 pcs
1000106917 HAZ0115-0045RSSteelProcess Synchronization457Available EUR 18,30 pcs
1000106918 HAZ0115-0050RSSteelProcess Synchronization508Available EUR 18,80 pcs
1000106919 HAZ0115-0055RSSteelProcess Synchronization559Available EUR 19,20 pcs
1000106920 HAZ0115-0060RSSteelProcess Synchronization610Available EUR 19,60 pcs
1000106921 HAZ0115-0065RSSteelProcess Synchronization660Available EUR 20,30 pcs
1000106922 HAZ0115-0070RSSteelProcess Synchronization711Available EUR 21,10 pcs
1000106923 HAZ0115-0080RSSteelProcess Synchronization913Available EUR 21,90 pcs
1000106924 HAZ0115-0090RSSteelProcess Synchronization914Available EUR 22,80 pcs
1000106925 HAZ0115-0100RSSteelProcess Synchronization1016Available EUR 23,80 pcs
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