Blind rivet studs, special parts

Unique special element in the area of blind riveting, as soon as access is only possible from one side.

Blind rivet studs and special blind rivet nuts that can be set "blind" from one side without any rework. They are particularly suitable for attaching load-bearing nut threads to thin components and hollow profiles. The use in already surface-treated parts is possible.

Blind rivet studs - flat head, round shank
  • Enables you to use a threaded bolt without access from both sides
  • Various designs (knurled, hexagonal) possible
  • Simple and quick assembly using…
Neoprene nut - Flat head, round shaft
  • For applications where noise, vibration or electricity are important
  • Can be unscrewed and screwed back on
  • Various clamping ranges and designs
Split blind rivet nut - flat head
  • Ideal for soft materials
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Slotted nuts cover high clamping ranges
TUBRIV - Split blind rivet nut, flat head
  • Ideal for soft base materials due to its construction and design
  • Quick assembly with pneumatic devices
  • Different clamping ranges and material…
TRISERT - Micro countersunk head, round head
  • Ideal when small protrusions are required
  • Can also be used in solid material
  • Various sizes available
SQUARIV - flat head, square shaft
  • Use in square holes
  • Higher tightening and torque values due to design
  • Various materials and sizes available